Trusted developers

All of our developers are full of experiences, which help us predicting potential problems and find solutions in early phases.

State-of-the art tech

A modern development environment ensures fast and effective development, hardware prototyping and testing.

Quick & Cost Affective

Out experiences can significantly shorten time from idea to final product as well as lower the development costs.

Passionate Engineers

Proper development engineering is not a job, it is a way of life! Best solutions can sometimes be found way out of the office!

IKSOR Electronic Engineering

Our main focus is on developing customized electronic modules.
We provide both software and hardware development, therefore we are able to provide full solution to our clients.

Razvoj elektronskih sklopov

Our experiences efficiently help reducing development costs as well as further production and can significantly shorten time from idea to final product.

Razvoj programske opreme

Microcontroller's programming does differ from an ordinary PC programming as such programmer must also know much about hardware design and microprocessor itself.

Industrijska elektronika

Sensoric and communications modules were developed to meet industrial grade area. We also provide support and maintenance for third party industrial modules, processors and sensors.

Baterije in akumulatorji

We are experts on battery cells and battery packs. We design customized battery systems as well as analyze battery cells, which are planned for serial production.

BMS enote za nadzor baterij

New battery types are more powerful but also more sensitive to handle. Improper usage can make permanent damage and BMS electronics is here to prevent such scenarios.

Daljinski nadzor in telemetrija

Remote control and telemetry is a common solution in consumer as well as in industrial area, where physical connection is not possible or would be too expensieve.

Napredni LED sistemi

Professional LED solutions are often designed in a different way regarding to cheaper commercial LED lights. This enables high efficiency, when space or thermal dissipation is limited.

Oprema intervencijskih vozil

We are developing display and control modules for rescue services vehicles. We provide custom matrix displays as well as more advanced solutions.

Orgelski sistem Alterus

ALTERUS is a system for upgrading church organs. It is possible to upgrade all organ types (mechanical, pneumatic, electric) and add them additional functionality.