Battery Systems

BMS | LiIon | LiPoly | LiFePO4 | LiMn2O4

We are experts in battery cell field and we provide advanced testing and advising regarding to the cell selection process. We provide basic and advanced cell’s parameters measuring as well as lifetime or critical lifetime tests. Several professional battery analyzing tools allow us to preform measurments on all battery chemistries and wide range of power/capacity.

We provide:

  • cell charge tests (any chemistry),
  • cell discharge tests (any chemistry),
  • measure individual cell or cell’s pack internal resistance,
  • preform cell lifetime cycle tests at user specified conditions,
  • plot all measured parameters (dis/charging current, dis/charging energy, pack voltage, pack power, single cell voltage, cell internal temperature etc.),
  • preparing measurment report

We are preforming measurements in our lab in Trzin office (Špruha 33, 1236 Ljubljana-Trzin). Professional and (partly) calibrated equipment is used during the measuring process (Fluke, BK Precision, Hameg – Rhode-Schwarz). For deep analisys testing procedure can be agreed with an end costumer. In case, that problems (i.e. damaged cells …) are found during the analysis, we can also provide battery pack repair. The repair cost is not included in the analysis price and is defined regarding to the damage type.

We are also certified ZEBRA/SONICK (FIAMM) batteries servicing and support partner!

Cell types

  • PbGEL/AGM (2 V)
  • NiCd/NiMH (1,2 V)
  • Li-Ion (3,7 V)
  • Li-Polymer (3,7 V)
  • LiMn2O4 (3,7 V)
  • LiFePO4 (3,3 V)
  • SoNiCK (NaCl/NiCl2)  (2,5 V)

Li-Ion configuration

  • 24 V nom.: 7S
  • 36 V nom.: 10 S
  • 48 V nom.: 14S

LiFePO4 configuration

  • 24 V nom.: 8S
  • 36 V nom.: 12 S
  • 48 V nom.: 16S